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5 Solid Ways to Cut Down A Kitchen Remodel Budget


Undoubtedly, getting your dream remodel for your kitchen can be very expensive. Some kitchen remodels can run into thousands of dollars depending on the individual’s needs. This blog post serves to list some of the best ways to avoid the high budget that comes with kitchen remodeling. It goes without saying that these proven tips do not suggest a compromise in quality of the remodel.

  1. Choosing Your Cabinet

If you are on a tight budget, getting a ready to assemble cabinet is a great option. One of the choices that could skyrocket your expenses is opting for a custom cabinet. Depending on the requirement, custom cabinets could be made for sums within the range of $10,000 to $100,000. Unlike ready to assemble, the custom cabinetry is designed and built to fit your taste and space. Needless to say, installation of the cabinet comes with the build.

As has already been said, settling for an RTA cabinet is not a bad choice if cutting costs is one of your priority. Semi-custom (or ready-to-assemble) cabinets come at a reasonably decent price owing to the fact that the material and style are put into consideration. As the name suggest, anyone with the know-how can quickly set it up. Nevertheless, if things get confusing, hiring a professional may be a good decision.

  1. Countertops Selection

Getting a good yet inexpensive countertop for your kitchen remodel is one of the important decisions for a kitchen remodel. While there are a wide variety of countertop materials to choose from, granite happens to be one of the most popular. Using granite as your choice of countertop could increase any initial budget due to its cost – usually between the range of $50 – $100.

For a tight budget, it is wise to use two different materials for this. For example, the island could be granite and the outside perimeter could be made of any other material. Furthermore, if you do want to use a similar stone as granite instead of granite itself, using laminate can be a great choice. Laminate is fairly cheap and could come at a price between $8 – $20.

  1. Do Not Change the Position of The Appliances

It is a good choice not to change the position of appliances if cutting down the cost of your kitchen remodel budget is one of your priority. Should you decide to get new cabinets, retain the position of the appliances. It will cost more money to change their position owing to the fact that electrical and mechanical works need to be put into consideration. While most homeowners do not consider this factor when planning a remodel, it is wise to arm oneself with this knowledge. Removing the wires from the walls to a new position is just one of the tasks that could add to the initial budget.

  1. Do the Remodel One After Another

This method sure works. Instead of going all out on your kitchen remodel, doing one after another is a surefire way to get things done to your taste. Sincerely, if you opt in for this, the burden of the whole remodel process would seem alleviated. It gives you the luxury of saving more money and, subsequently planning for the next phase of the remodel.

Furthermore, features like backsplashes and adding glass to cabinets can come at a later date. Also, more often than not, there are alternatives for most of the kitchen features.

  1. Lighting

Apart from the fact that appropriate lighting creates a sense of space, they also help to cut down the cost of any kitchen remodel. This is why it must not be overlooked by anyone looking for a top-notch remodel.   In addition, getting a good under cabinet lighting is essential in creating the aforementioned illusion without any explosion in the budget.

Furthermore, recessed lighting should be avoided owing to the fact that they can lead to a sudden increase in the initial budget owing to the fact that holes will have to be created for the lighting. Track lighting should be a reasonably good choice.

Conclusively, any serious kitchen remodel requires two scarce resources i.e. time and money. This post has tried to reduce the latter to a reasonably good one. Needless to say, other smart and creative ideas exist.