7 decorating tips for transforming your old home

Interior design not only means giving a look that is modern. It also means preserving the past and honoring the character of an older home. Here are some decorating tips for transforming your old house.

1. Paint

We love the beautiful trim and door details of an old house. It would be a good idea to preserve it by applying a fresh coat of paint. You should paint the walls, ceiling and trim one color. The trim color should have a higher gloss to highlight it. If you can have a bold color like dark gray on the doors, it will make your house stand out.

2. Use stained glass

You can use stained glass for your windows. These will look like art against simple white walls. You will find beautiful stained glass designs online and in stores. Pick one that matches with the entire décor of the house.

3. Use drapery

If the old shape of your window looks awkward now, use drapery to conceal the windows. Most old homes have odd windows at different places. Adding a full wall of drapery is the perfect way to hide the windows.

4. Use open shelving units

Open shelving units will look stylish and add extra storage and display space for books and collectibles. This way, you don’t have to buy big bookcases which will disturb the original architecture of the house. Also, this type of shelving will give a modern touch to your home.

5. Use simple contemporary furnishings

Simple contemporary furnishings can give a modern touch to your traditional home. You should look out for rich textures, soft colors, and clean lines.

6. Add things that look like they have been weathered outdoors

You can use accents and pieces that are inspired by garden such as wood, woven baskets, etc. You can have things that have a rustic vibe and give a traditional image.

7. Make zones out of unusual room layouts

Old homes often have unusual room layouts. They can have long and narrow spaces that look hard to work with. You can divide them into multiple square zones. You can use area rugs to define the zones. Use open-sided furniture like benches. These will add more functionality to the rooms.

It is not necessary that your house needs to look all modern to look good. The traditional house design is still loved by people. If you have an old house, then you are lucky. Not many people can have a house with those wonderful traditional details. You can give some modern touches to your old house without ruining its traditional value and still have a beautiful looking home that everyone will appreciate.