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5 Solid Ways to Cut Down A Kitchen Remodel Budget


Undoubtedly, getting your dream remodel for your kitchen can be very expensive. Some kitchen remodels can run into thousands of dollars depending on the individual’s needs. This blog post serves to list some of the best ways to avoid the high budget that comes with kitchen remodeling. It goes without saying that these proven tips do not suggest a compromise in quality of the remodel.

  1. Choosing Your Cabinet

If you are on a tight budget, getting a ready to assemble cabinet is a great option. One of the choices that could skyrocket your expenses is opting for a custom cabinet. Depending on the requirement, custom cabinets could be made for sums within the range of $10,000 to $100,000. Unlike ready to assemble, the custom cabinetry is designed and built to fit your taste and space. Needless to say, installation of the cabinet comes with the build.

As has already been said, settling for an RTA cabinet is not a bad choice if cutting costs is one of your priority. Semi-custom (or ready-to-assemble) cabinets come at a reasonably decent price owing to the fact that the material and style are put into consideration. As the name suggest, anyone with the know-how can quickly set it up. Nevertheless, if things get confusing, hiring a professional may be a good decision.

  1. Countertops Selection

Getting a good yet inexpensive countertop for your kitchen remodel is one of the important decisions for a kitchen remodel. While there are a wide variety of countertop materials to choose from, granite happens to be one of the most popular. Using granite as your choice of countertop could increase any initial budget due to its cost – usually between the range of $50 – $100.

For a tight budget, it is wise to use two different materials for this. For example, the island could be granite and the outside perimeter could be made of any other material. Furthermore, if you do want to use a similar stone as granite instead of granite itself, using laminate can be a great choice. Laminate is fairly cheap and could come at a price between $8 – $20.

  1. Do Not Change the Position of The Appliances

It is a good choice not to change the position of appliances if cutting down the cost of your kitchen remodel budget is one of your priority. Should you decide to get new cabinets, retain the position of the appliances. It will cost more money to change their position owing to the fact that electrical and mechanical works need to be put into consideration. While most homeowners do not consider this factor when planning a remodel, it is wise to arm oneself with this knowledge. Removing the wires from the walls to a new position is just one of the tasks that could add to the initial budget.

  1. Do the Remodel One After Another

This method sure works. Instead of going all out on your kitchen remodel, doing one after another is a surefire way to get things done to your taste. Sincerely, if you opt in for this, the burden of the whole remodel process would seem alleviated. It gives you the luxury of saving more money and, subsequently planning for the next phase of the remodel.

Furthermore, features like backsplashes and adding glass to cabinets can come at a later date. Also, more often than not, there are alternatives for most of the kitchen features.

  1. Lighting

Apart from the fact that appropriate lighting creates a sense of space, they also help to cut down the cost of any kitchen remodel. This is why it must not be overlooked by anyone looking for a top-notch remodel.   In addition, getting a good under cabinet lighting is essential in creating the aforementioned illusion without any explosion in the budget.

Furthermore, recessed lighting should be avoided owing to the fact that they can lead to a sudden increase in the initial budget owing to the fact that holes will have to be created for the lighting. Track lighting should be a reasonably good choice.

Conclusively, any serious kitchen remodel requires two scarce resources i.e. time and money. This post has tried to reduce the latter to a reasonably good one. Needless to say, other smart and creative ideas exist.

How to Cut Down the Budget of a Bathroom Remodel

Having or living in a home with an old bathroom is really not entertaining. Like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel leads to a decent amount of spending. While this post serves to address some of these factors most homeowners do not look out for, it does not suggest that you will get a total bathroom remodel for a very small fee. If getting a nice bathroom remodel with a reasonably small amount of money is one of your aim, then, these proven tips will surely give the best a “budget-cutting” post has to offer. Giving your bathroom this facelift may cost you a small fortune. However, if you want to get it done without burning a hole in your pocket, follow these practical and awesome tips:

  1. Consider Partial Renovation

Giving the bathroom a complete overhaul may be tempting as well as expensive, it is advisable to consider changing some parts that really need to be changed. What your bathroom needs may be a change of the tub or shower. If that is what you can afford, go ahead and get it done. In some cases, it is wise to deal with the sink first and then, addressing wherever you feel needs some changes. That will make you achieve your dream bathroom without breaking your bank, renovating one area of the bathroom at a time.

  1. Shop Around

This tip is very crucial to remodeling your bathroom at a reduced cost. Instead of visiting just one shop, visit a number of shops to compare prices. Visit Craigslist and other sites before you settle down to make your purchase. You should consider items from sales and clearance and also, find affordable deals. This will give you the best materials at affordable prices.

  1. Buy Accessories

If you are working on a low budget, buying accessories may be what you need to turn around the look and feel of your bathroom. You can consider adding a new curtain, bath towels a unique rug that is not too expensive, and other good accessories that are available at lower prices. Adding some accessories here and there may give your bathroom that out-of-the-world transformation without spending too much on it.

  1. 4. Use Fewer Tiles

Adding tile to your bathroom is a very good idea. There is a snag anyway – it can become an expensive addition – if you want to hire a contractor for laying it. Therefore, consider using fewer tiles in order to reduce your cost. You can concentrate on important areas of the bathroom such as the floor and leave the wall. If you want to go fancy, tile a single strip and paint the rest of the bathroom. This will be cost effective and give you an attractive bathroom.

  1. 5. Consider a DIY Vanity

Adding a vanity to your bathroom will give it an exotic look. However, vanities are expensive. If you have some crafting skills, you can create your own vanity. If not, consider using some Do-It-Yourself tutorials to create a good vanity without spending too much. You can get a piece of furniture and some marble remnants to make a good vanity. This will give you the good looks you always crave for at an affordable cost.

  1. You May Paint the Bathroom

This is one of the best ways to remodel your bathroom without a massive budget. Sometimes, painting your bathroom may be the only thing you need to give it a modern look. Sadly, painting a bathroom to give it a new feel is often overlooked by people. Why should you consider giving your bathroom a new paint? If you use the right color for your bathroom, it will make the bathroom look modern. The paint will make it look brighter and larger. For the best effect, paint the wall to combine well with the colors of the outdated fixtures of the bathroom. Since painting is not difficult, you can do it at your convenience, thereby reducing the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

These are some simple and inexpensive ways to add a spice to your bathroom. You can combine two or more of these tips to create the bathroom of your dream.


7 decorating tips for transforming your old home

Interior design not only means giving a look that is modern. It also means preserving the past and honoring the character of an older home. Here are some decorating tips for transforming your old house.

1. Paint

We love the beautiful trim and door details of an old house. It would be a good idea to preserve it by applying a fresh coat of paint. You should paint the walls, ceiling and trim one color. The trim color should have a higher gloss to highlight it. If you can have a bold color like dark gray on the doors, it will make your house stand out.

2. Use stained glass

You can use stained glass for your windows. These will look like art against simple white walls. You will find beautiful stained glass designs online and in stores. Pick one that matches with the entire décor of the house.

3. Use drapery

If the old shape of your window looks awkward now, use drapery to conceal the windows. Most old homes have odd windows at different places. Adding a full wall of drapery is the perfect way to hide the windows.

4. Use open shelving units

Open shelving units will look stylish and add extra storage and display space for books and collectibles. This way, you don’t have to buy big bookcases which will disturb the original architecture of the house. Also, this type of shelving will give a modern touch to your home.

5. Use simple contemporary furnishings

Simple contemporary furnishings can give a modern touch to your traditional home. You should look out for rich textures, soft colors, and clean lines.

6. Add things that look like they have been weathered outdoors

You can use accents and pieces that are inspired by garden such as wood, woven baskets, etc. You can have things that have a rustic vibe and give a traditional image.

7. Make zones out of unusual room layouts

Old homes often have unusual room layouts. They can have long and narrow spaces that look hard to work with. You can divide them into multiple square zones. You can use area rugs to define the zones. Use open-sided furniture like benches. These will add more functionality to the rooms.

It is not necessary that your house needs to look all modern to look good. The traditional house design is still loved by people. If you have an old house, then you are lucky. Not many people can have a house with those wonderful traditional details. You can give some modern touches to your old house without ruining its traditional value and still have a beautiful looking home that everyone will appreciate.

5 tips to paint a room like a professional

By putting on new paint in your room, you can transform the look of your entire house. You can get a professional to do the job, but with some knowledge and skill, you can do it yourself as well. Here are some tips to paint your room like a professional.

Clean walls


Remove any dust, dirt, or grease spots with water. You can add a little mild dishwashing detergent as well. Use a cellulose sponge to remove any spots.

Tape the trim, door frames, and window


You should use painter’s blue tape and apply it to the trim, window, and doorframes. Then remove the tape immediately after painting, before it dries off. If there is a problem with the window, we suggest replacement glass for different glass options and great pricing!

Prime the walls


Some people think that walls that have been painted many times don’t need to be primed. But primer helps to maximize the sheen and coverage of paint. It gives the finish coat a uniform appearance.

Brush those areas that you can’t roll


You should brush on paint around trim and in the corners of walls where it is not possible to use rollers. You should use a two-inch angled brush. You must extend out two to three inches from doors, moldings, and windows.

Paint the trim


After the walls are dry, put tape on where the trim meets the wall. Paint the moldings and the door and window frames with two-inch angled brush.

Using these simple techniques, you would be able to paint your room perfectly. Make sure you buy good quality paint and brushes from the store.

5 safety rules you must follow during home construction works

Construction works regarded as one of the dangerous occupations. In construction works, you have to deal with heights, large equipment, deep holes, etc. Workers need to take a lot of precautions when doing construction works. Here are five safety rules that the workers must follow.

Check your work area carefully

Scaffolds contribute to the maximum cases of injuries related to construction sites. So, you must be careful when you start your work. Find out whether the scaffold has been inspected by a professional or not. Don’t work on a scaffold that doesn’t have a strong base. Ladders are also dangerous tools. You should check it thoroughly before use.

Be careful with electricity and equipment

Construction sites need a lot of electrical installations. Electricity and weights are mostly required for electrical installations. When working with such equipment, you should be extra careful to see that there is no wear and tear on the machine. If you are using plugged-in portable devices, then you should check whether the cables are protected or not.

Maintain fencing and be aware of fire

Many fatal injuries occur due to lack of fencing. You should avoid working in areas that don’t have any fence. When you do welding operations, there is always a chance of fire on a construction site. You should always be careful and take measures to prevent them. You should know the escape routes if a fire occurs.

Wear protective apparel

You should wear proper protective clothing and gear when working. Well, fitted helmets and protective eyewear are mandatory. You should wear anti-slip footwear.

Always keep first aid

The first aid must always be accessible to the workers. You should have the basic first aid for cuts, minor burns and falls.

As a construction worker, you need to be careful all the time. You should not play around with equipment and read the safety rules carefully before handling any equipment.


3 home renovation ideas that you can do this summer

Summer months are an ideal time to do your home renovation works. It also prepares you for the winter months. In summer, you will get less-expensive labor, and the contractors will be more willing to work. These are some great ideas for your home renovation this summer.

Driveway Paving


You can redo your asphalt driveway that has patches of grass growing through the cracks. Asphalt is easier to work with during summer. The high temperature is needed to prevent the material from premature hardening. This will ensure that the contractor will be able to spread the asphalt and form a level surface evenly.

Home Addition


You can add an extra room to the upper floor. You can hire a contractor to do the job. Decide on the design beforehand and buy the materials so that no time is wasted and the work can be completed in summer.



Summer months are a great time to renovate your landscaping and home exterior. If you want to save money and time maintaining your yard, then you must select native plants that don’t need much water or fertilizer. You can add varieties of flora that will improve the texture and look of your landscape. You can add some solar-powered lights to highlight your walkways and decks.

Summer is a good time to do outdoor renovation works. During this time, your neighbors are on vacation, so they won’t feel disturbed by the noise made by construction works. Before you start any renovation work, you should set up a budget and hire a good contractor to do the job. If you plan ahead, you can complete the job on time.