How to Cut Down the Budget of a Bathroom Remodel

Having or living in a home with an old bathroom is really not entertaining. Like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel leads to a decent amount of spending. While this post serves to address some of these factors most homeowners do not look out for, it does not suggest that you will get a total bathroom remodel for a very small fee. If getting a nice bathroom remodel with a reasonably small amount of money is one of your aim, then, these proven tips will surely give the best a “budget-cutting” post has to offer. Giving your bathroom this facelift may cost you a small fortune. However, if you want to get it done without burning a hole in your pocket, follow these practical and awesome tips:

  1. Consider Partial Renovation

Giving the bathroom a complete overhaul may be tempting as well as expensive, it is advisable to consider changing some parts that really need to be changed. What your bathroom needs may be a change of the tub or shower. If that is what you can afford, go ahead and get it done. In some cases, it is wise to deal with the sink first and then, addressing wherever you feel needs some changes. That will make you achieve your dream bathroom without breaking your bank, renovating one area of the bathroom at a time.

  1. Shop Around

This tip is very crucial to remodeling your bathroom at a reduced cost. Instead of visiting just one shop, visit a number of shops to compare prices. Visit Craigslist and other sites before you settle down to make your purchase. You should consider items from sales and clearance and also, find affordable deals. This will give you the best materials at affordable prices.

  1. Buy Accessories

If you are working on a low budget, buying accessories may be what you need to turn around the look and feel of your bathroom. You can consider adding a new curtain, bath towels a unique rug that is not too expensive, and other good accessories that are available at lower prices. Adding some accessories here and there may give your bathroom that out-of-the-world transformation without spending too much on it.

  1. 4. Use Fewer Tiles

Adding tile to your bathroom is a very good idea. There is a snag anyway – it can become an expensive addition – if you want to hire a contractor for laying it. Therefore, consider using fewer tiles in order to reduce your cost. You can concentrate on important areas of the bathroom such as the floor and leave the wall. If you want to go fancy, tile a single strip and paint the rest of the bathroom. This will be cost effective and give you an attractive bathroom.

  1. 5. Consider a DIY Vanity

Adding a vanity to your bathroom will give it an exotic look. However, vanities are expensive. If you have some crafting skills, you can create your own vanity. If not, consider using some Do-It-Yourself tutorials to create a good vanity without spending too much. You can get a piece of furniture and some marble remnants to make a good vanity. This will give you the good looks you always crave for at an affordable cost.

  1. You May Paint the Bathroom

This is one of the best ways to remodel your bathroom without a massive budget. Sometimes, painting your bathroom may be the only thing you need to give it a modern look. Sadly, painting a bathroom to give it a new feel is often overlooked by people. Why should you consider giving your bathroom a new paint? If you use the right color for your bathroom, it will make the bathroom look modern. The paint will make it look brighter and larger. For the best effect, paint the wall to combine well with the colors of the outdated fixtures of the bathroom. Since painting is not difficult, you can do it at your convenience, thereby reducing the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

These are some simple and inexpensive ways to add a spice to your bathroom. You can combine two or more of these tips to create the bathroom of your dream.